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 CREATE! field technicians work with rural women to help them gain basic financial literacy skills and use these skills to manage their profits from poultry and agricultural production programs.  For rural residents who may not be able to read or write and whose needs are rarely met by for-profit financial institutions, Voluntary Savings and Lending Associations (VSLAs) provide an appropriate, transparent system for group saving, lending, and social insurance.  Association members save small amounts of money each week and then make loans to each other to cover business, personal, and household costs.  Association members are able to save a portion of the profits they receive from participating in CREATE!’s cooperative community garden programs. VSLA is a sustainable, appropriate means of empowering women to lift themselves from poverty.

In five of our partner communities, CREATE! staff have also helped women build poultry sheds and start poultry cooperatives. Poultry production brings numerous economic benefits to women in our partner communities.  Selling poultry is very profitable for cooperatives and women reinvest their earnings into the next round of poultry production.
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