CREATE!’s programs in rural Senegal are possible through the generous support of the following funding partners:

Vibrant Village Foundation

The Vibrant Village Foundation invests in the potential of communities around the world by supporting villages in the areas of nutrition and health, clean water, agriculture, education, arts, and economic development. The Vibrant Village Foundation supports CREATE! programs in our partner communities of Walo, Gagnick Mack, and Darou Diadji in Senegal.

One Day’s Wages

One Day’s Wages is a movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. One Day’s Wages supports cooperative-based training in poultry cultivation for CREATE!’s partner communities in Senegal.

International Foundation

The International Foundation envisions a world in which active philanthropy measurably improves the lives of the poor and disadvantaged in developing world communities. The International Foundation is supporting CREATE!'s sustainable agriculture programs in rural Senegal.

Government of Senegal

CREATE! partners with representatives of the Senegalese Department of Agriculture, Ministry of the Environment, Department of Rural Development and the Department of Water and Forestry to conduct trainings in improved cookstove construction, tree planting and sustainable agriculture. Partnering with local civil administrative officers in Senegal ensures that our beneficiaries have the full support and confidence of local authorities.

LUSH Cosmetics Charity Pot

LUSH Cosmetics donates 100% of the proceeds of their Charity Pot lotion to organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights. Recipients ofing LUSH funding are also featured on Charity Pot product label. LUSH is supporting the expansion of the cooperative garden site in the village of Diender, Senegal.

Dining for Women

Through collective giving, Dining for Women inspires, educates, and engages people to invest in programs that make a meaningful difference for women and girls living in extreme poverty. Dining for Women supports CREATE! programs in our partner community of Thieneba, Senegal.

SpawGlass Foundation

The SpawGlass Foundation is the nonprofit, grant-making arm of SpawGlass, a Texas-based contracting and construction firm. SpawGlass Foundation provides operational support for CREATE!

Frankel Family Foundation

The Frankel Family Foundation believes that all people should live in a world of equal opportunity and on a healthy, sustainable planet. The Frankel Family Foundation provides operational support for CREATE!

Susan A. and Donald P. Babson Charitable Foundation

The focus of The Susan A. and Donald P. Babson Charitable Foundation is the enrichment and empowerment of people of all ages around the world, so as to prevent exploitation, poverty, and injustice.

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