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"Hope is Reborn"
Walo, Senegal

Ndeye Diop, 29, lives in Walo with her two children and is an active participant in Walo's new agricultural cooperative.  She describes Walo as a “small melting pot surrounded by baobab trees.”

Ndeye praises CREATE!’s recent rehabilitation of Walo’s community well. The rehabilitated well, solar-powered pumping system, and gravity-fed irrigation system in the Walo garden site provide plenty of water for the cooperative garden. For the first time ever, community members will be able to grow produce year-round, providing improved nutrition for their families and a source of much needed household income from sales at local markets. Thanks to CREATE!, Ndeye says, “Hope is reborn in our village.”

Ndeye “welcomes the good work that CREATE! is doing in Walo” and now foresees a prosperous future for her community. She appreciates the firewood savings that she realizes by using the improved cookstove she learned to build and use from CREATE! field technicians, and she is excited about CREATE!’s upcoming tree planting program in Walo.

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