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New Community Garden has Easy Access to Water
Thieneba, Senegal

For three years, members of the Thieneba Community Gardening Cooperative labored diligently to raise vegetables on a site that did not have water.  In spite of this challenge, members of the cooperative – all of who are women – enthusiastically participated in sustainable agriculture training provided by CREATE!’s Field Staff and successfully grew vegetables throughout the year, including during the annual nine-month dry season. They did this by carrying buckets of water on their heads from a water source that was a kilometer away!
Now the Thieneba Gardening Cooperative has a second gardening site with an abundant and easily accessed source of water, thanks to a well provided by community leaders, a solar-powered pumping system installed by CREATE! Field staff, and a gravity-fed irrigation network constructed by community members.
Community leaders decided to provide the new site and existing well after seeing community members’ hard work and high level of commitment, as well as CREATE!’s commitment to provide agriculture training and guidance. In fact, community leaders are so thrilled with community members’ active and enthusiastic participation that they are already talking about expanding the irrigated garden site, which is currently about 2,500 square meters. 
Now the Thieneba Community Gardening Cooperative has two sites for crop cultivation. They will continue to use the first site to grow cashew and fruit trees, as well as for growing vegetables during the rainy season; and they will use the second site to raise a variety of vegetables year-round, including tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and okra, which will provide improved nutrition for their families and a much needed source of household income.



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