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Fass Koffe, Senegal

Kine Lo (shown above) is the primary caretaker of the chickens in Fass Koffe. She is very enthusiastic about CREATE!'s programs and takes pride in her work with the pilot poultry project. "Before CREATE! came, I wasn’t working; now I have work.  I’m responsible for feeding the chickens. I participate in CREATE!’s programs because it improves my life," Kine said. 
In the village of Fass Koffe, cooperative members have recently initiated a pilot poultry project at CREATE!'s Training and Demonstation Center. Since April 2013, members of the garden cooperative have produced and sold 400 chickens. Cooperative members manage the poultry in a 60-day cycle that includes 45 production days and 15 days for cleaning and sanitization. The entire group is responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of the poultry, in addition to marketing and reporting on finances. The pilot project in Fass Koffe has been very successful.  
The production of poultry brings numerous economic benefits to the villages. Other cooperatives have asked CREATE! for help to further supplement their diet and income through additional poultry projects. CREATE! is currently seeking the funding required to initiate poultry programs in all six sites. You can help!  Donate today to help initate poultry programs in all of CREATE!'s partner villages.

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