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Solar Energy Used to Access Abundant Source of Water
Thieneba, Senegal

In rural Senegal the sun is an abundant and important source of energy, whereas water is a scarce and critical resource that is difficult to get out of the ground. Most rural communities still use a bucket and pulley system to get water from their wells, a labor-intensive and time-consuming task – usually performed by women – that can provide enough water to meet daily household needs but cannot provide the quantity of water needed to engage in dry-season crop cultivation. 
In the village of Thieneba, where the sun is plentiful, an abundant source of water lay under the community’s feet. However, it was impossible for community members to access the water in quantities sufficient for raising crops during Senegal’s long, nine-month dry season. CREATE!’s Field Team remedied that situation when they successfully installed a solar-powered pumping system in an existing well that was provided by community leaders. The solar pumping system now provides an easily accessed and abundant source of fresh water, making year-round crop cultivation possible for the first time ever.
Community members and leaders are amazed that solar panels can provide the power necessary to pump abundant quantities of water from a well that is more than 100 feet deep, all without noise or the use of fossil fuels. And they are thrilled that the solar powered system not only provides sufficient water for year-round crop cultivation but also easily accessed water for the entire community of Thieneba!


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