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Water for Cooperative Garden Provided by Solar Energy and Gravity
Thieneba, Senegal

Without access to an affordable source of water, year-round vegetable cultivation is impossible in Senegal, where the annual dry season is nine months long. Thanks to CREATE!’s program in the village of Thieneba, however, community members now have year-round access to an affordable and abundant source of fresh water, provided by a solar-powered pumping system installed by CREATE! Field Staff, and a gravity-fed irrigation network constructed by community members. 

This abundant source of water was right under the community’s feet, but community members had only limited access to it, via a bucket and pulley system, a physically arduous method that could provide water for basic household needs but not for year-round crop cultivation.
With the solar pumping system in place, water is now pumped effortlessly from the well into an elevated, 5,000 liter reservoir. Gravity then takes over to disburse water from the reservoir to the four interconnected, 4,000 liter storage basins built on the gardening site, providing 21,000 liters of above-ground water storage at all times.
Members of the gardening cooperative – all of who are women – can now easily dip their watering cans in the basins to get water for their crops. And for household use, women and children simply turn on a tap to fill their water containers for their household needs. No more pulling heavy buckets of water one by one from the well!



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