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Fass Koffe’s New Hand-Dug Well
Fass Koffe, Senegal

These women are smiling because they now have access to an abundant supply of affordable, untreated water, suitable for growing vegetables and cultivating fruit and nut trees on a year-round basis at their cooperative gardening site in Fass Koffe, Senegal.

Prior to the arrival of CREATE! in Fass Koffe, this six acre site was empty and unused.  Today it is a work in progress, with a gravity-fed network of basins to carry water throughout the site.  Numerous vegetable plots are under cultivation and producing fresh vegetables for year-round consumption and sale, with dozens of cashew and shade trees flourishing all around. 

None of this would be possible without water, which is now being provided from a newly dug well that is powered by a solar pumping system, providing more than 3,500 liters per day for the watering the gardens.  Dug completely by hand by a local well-digger - with assistance from cooperative members and funding from CREATE! - the well is more than 100 feet deep.

Reclaiming water that is good for people, good for animals and good for plants  - all without using a drop of fossil fuels or any mechanical equipment – is a real achievement for Fass Koffe.  It is also what CREATE! set out to do:  use renewable energy and appropriate technology to help rural communities provide for their needs and improve the quality of their life without relying on the use of fossil fuels.

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