CREATE!’s Mission


Center for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology for the Environment (CREATE!) was established in 2008 with the mission of helping rural populations in the developing world cope with water, food and fuel shortages resulting from the impact of climate change on their communities. Using a participatory approach and appropriate technologies, CREATE! works with communities in rural Senegal to identify and meet their needs in four primary sectors:



  • Expand and rehabilitate village wells
  • Install solar powered pumping systems
  • Build gravity fed irrigation systems in garden sites



  • Comprehensive training in year-round, sustainable crop cultivation


Energy and Environment

  • Training in construction of fuel-efficient cookstoves made from free, locally available materials, reducing fuelwood consumption by 50% to 70%
  • Tree planting campaigns

  • Install solar powered pumping systems in rehabilited village wells


Income Generation

  • Training in Voluntary Saving and Lending Associations
  • Training in poultry production

CREATE! Project Areas:

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