CREATE! is a tax exempt nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status. We are unaffiliated with any governmental or religious organizations.

The founders of CREATE! bring decades of experience in humanitarian assistance, appropriate technology, social services, education, training, business, nonprofit management and fundraising to our nonsectarian, nongovernmental organization. We share a passionate commitment to the mission of CREATE! and to working with rural village populations in Sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere in the developing world to alleviate the impact of global warming on their lives and livelihoods.

US Staff Senegal Field Team Board of Directors

Omar Ndiaye Seck — Country Director
As Country Representative for CREATE!’s Senegal program, Seck oversees and manages CREATE!’s in-country operations and program activities in all sectors. He is responsible for the training, supervision and coordination of CREATE!’s staff to implement programming in water acquisition, community gardens, Voluntary Savings and Lending Associations, and fuel-efficient cookstove construction. Seck also works with community members to identify and respond to felt needs at the community level.

The social value and moral dimensions of work are very important to Seck. In his work with CREATE!, he says, “I appreciate and enjoy working for a non-profit, non-governmental organization that uses appropriate technologies to help rural populations improve their lives.”

Seck has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Cheikh Anta DIOP University, and a professional certificate in Accounting from Center for Applied Management and Computing in Dakar. In his off time, he enjoys cheering on his favorite soccer teams Senegal and Barcelona, listening to music, and studying accounting.

Mame Souka Diouf — Senegal Program Administrator
Mame manages CREATE!’s financial transactions in Senegal: getting money from the bank; managing the safe; paying salaries and taxes; preparing monthly financial reports; and maintaining relationships with vendors and banks. He is also responsible for purchasing materials; managing materials going in and out of the stockroom; and supervising household staff and guards.

He likes working for a non-profit organization that focuses on preserving the environment and helping people improve their lives. He says, “I appreciate the team spirit among CREATE! staff, and I find the direct contact I have with participating community members especially motivating.”

Mame holds a diploma as a Senior Technician in Management Science as well as a Specialized Diploma in Computer Science. In his leisure time, Mame follows European soccer and basketball teams, and enjoys listening to his favorite musician, Youssou N’Dour.

Amadou Diouf — Agricultural Technician
Amadou Diouf trains community members in year-round, sustainable crop cultivation and improved cookstove construction. He appreciates working for a non-profit organization that provides rural populations with skills and knowledge that will help them meet their needs and improve their lives.

Amadou holds a professional certificate in Horticulture from the Professional Horticulture Training Center in Camberene, Senegal. He was inspired to follow this career because of his life-long love of plants and animals, and he learned during his training that rural populations really needed the kind of help he would be able to provide. He says, “With CREATE!, I am now doing the work I have always wanted to do!”

In his leisure time, Amadou likes to watch or play soccer, visit friends, watch action films, and connect with long-distance friends on Facebook and Skype.

Codou Gadji — Agricultural Technician
As an Agricultural Technician, Codou trains community members in sustainable vegetable and tree cultivation, and crop management. She also teaches women to construct improved cookstoves and assists with Voluntary Savings and Lending Association meetings.

After three years of training, Codou received her diploma in Horticulture from the Professional Horticulture Training Center in Camberene, Senegal. She was inspired to follow her career by her father who is an agriculture engineer.

She loves her work and says, “ With CREATE!, I have learned that you can fight back against poverty and food insecurity. My objectives are to fight poverty by helping others and to create employment opportunities for young people.” In her leisure time, Codou likes to cook and spend time with her husband.

Abdou Ba — Driver and Field Assistant
As CREATE!’s driver, Abdou Ba ensures the safe transportation of staff and materials to each of CREATE!’s program sites. As Field Assistant, he assists with installing solar pumping systems and maintains the solar panels.

Abdou loves his work with CREATE! and gives his job his all. He appreciates each of CREATE!’s sectors and has used skills and knowledge he learned through CREATE!’s trainings to cultivate a year-round vegetable garden and build an improved cookstove for cooking household meals at his home in Kaolock. He says, “With CREATE!, I have learned to fly with my own wings.”

In his free time Abdou loves to play soccer, spend time with his daughter, listen to the music of Youssou N’Dour, and watch the Senegal National Team play soccer.

Mohamed Diagne — Agricultural Technician
As an Agricultural Technician for CREATE!, Mohamed Diagne trains community members in sustainable crop cultivation, improved cookstove construction and poultry production. He also monitors the solar pumping and gravity-fed irrigation systems in the gardens.

Motivated by his desire to protect nature and the environment, Mohamed received his diploma in horticulture and farm management from the Center for Vocational Training in Camberene, Senegal.

Mohamed appreciates working as a team and finds direct contact with community members to be especially motivating. "With CREATE!'s programs, we teach agricultural techniques and the use of appropriate technologies to help people improve their lives and preserve the environment."

In his free time, Mohamed likes to watch European league soccer and basketball, and Senegalese wrestling. He also enjoys reading, researching on the internet and listening to the music of Omar Bolt.

Ousmane Diallo — Agricultural Technician
Ousmane Diallo trains CREATE! community members in year-round, sustainable crop cultivation, poultry production and improved cookstove construction. He also supervises Voluntary Saving and Lending Associations.

A love of plants and geography inspired Ousmane to study agriculture in Bignona, Senegal, where he received his diploma in Leadership and Management of Agricultural Operations.

Ousmane likes working as a team and connecting with community members. He appreciates CREATE!'s use of appropriate technologies and says, "CREATE! came along at just the right time. Rural communities and the environment need the programs offered by CREATE!." He hopes that CREATE! can continue to expand to other communities in rural Senegal.

In his leisure time, Ousmane likes to participate in sports and spend time on the internet.

Papa Djibril Diop — Agricultural Technician Trainee
As Agricultural Technician Trainee, Papa Djibril Diop provides training in sustainable agriculture to women's cooperatives in the communities of Diender and Thieneba. What Djibril appreciates most about his work with CREATE! is that he gets to provide technical training and use appropriate technologies to protect the environment and improve living conditions in rural Senegal.

Djibril studied horticulture at the Professional Horticulture Training Center in Camberene, Senegal, where he received his degree as a Horticultural Technician. Djibril was inspired to follow his career path because he wanted to participate in the Senegalese government's goal to develop rural Senegal and says "I believe that rural development can be best accomplished through the use of technologies that are appropriate to the environment."

In his free time, Djibril likes to relax and watch his favorite team (Real Madrid) play soccer. He also enjoys listening to the music of Youssou Ndour.

Ndeye Fatou Thiam — Communications Assistant
As CREATE's Communications Assistant, Ndeye Fatou Thiam conducts monthly interviews with men and women in each of our partner communities. Fatou also documents CREATE!'s programs through photography and film. As our Senegal team's sole English speaker, Fatou also serves as a translator aof English-speaking visitors.

Fatou, who is from Dakar, enjoys working with rural communities to help residents meet their needs and build self-sufficiency. She says, "I've always wanted to help people in need. Working with CREATE! gives me the opportunity and means to do so." Fatou also appreciates the additional knowledge that she has gained by working with CREATE!. She says, "For me, CREATE! is like a school. I'm always learning new skills from mh colleagues."

Fatou earned a BA in English from Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar. She also holds an Advanced English Level from the Dakar-based English Resource Center. In her free time, Fatou enjoys reading books in English to practice her language skills.

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